Sports Medicine Weekly is proud to announce that one of its valued partners, Karen Malkin, a leading integrative health coach and lifestyle practitioner, has joined the EWG board of directors, further raising the group�??s profile as the nation�??s leading nonprofit research organization advancing the importance of healthy foods free from toxic chemicals.
�??Karen�??s longtime commitment and expertise in helping people make healthier choices for themselves and their families aligns seamlessly with the core mission of EWG,�?� said the group�??s president, co-founder and fellow board member, Ken Cook. �??The advice and guidance around healthy diets Karen delivers could be found on some of EWG�??s websites.�?�

�??I have closely followed the work EWG has done pushing industry and the government to make healthy food more available and accessible, and I have relied on much of EWG�??s research in my own work,�?� said Malkin. �??I am excited to be part of such an important organization, and look forward to working with my fellow board members to build on their already incredible work.�?�

Malkin has a private health coaching practice in Chicago. As co-founder and CEO of MCT Foods, LLC, Malkin developed a line of high-quality vegan protein blends, MCT oil and superfood bars. She is the author of the �??14 Day Transformation�?� series including �??Toxin Takedown.�?�
Malkin serves on the advisory council for the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern Medicine; the board of directors for Gardeneers, an organization that sustains and provides curriculum for Chicago Public Schools; and the advisory board for Spiral Sun Ventures, a mission-based capital fund investing in health and wellness products.
�??Karen will undoubtedly bring her passion and energy to EWG�??s board, and will be an important voice as we continue to take on new challenges and opportunities,�?� added Cook. �??Karen�??s fellow board members and I are thrilled she�??s agreed to help chart our course going forward.�?�

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