7 Things Every Athlete Should Know About His Heart

Any strenuous exercise, including performance athletics, raises the body’s oxygen demand. As a result, in particular, Endurance and elite athletes undergo unique adaptations, such as

4 Great Reasons To Continue Wearing A Mask

Among the major pandemics that the world has ever experienced, the effects of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) will no doubt be memorable. Countless businesses were shut

The Best Masks for the Gym

If you’ve been hesitant to head back to the gym, now is the time to join your favorite group fitness class or sweaty weight room

How the Pandemic has Changed our Fitness Behaviors

How has the pandemic changed your daily life? How has it changed positively and how has it changed your life negatively? From physically distancing from

The NBA COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

In this episode, Dr. Brian Cole breaks down the NBA’s COVID-19 health and safety protocols and how the league is working to contain the spread

I’m 87, Triple Vaxxed and Living My Life Again

Another Covid winter looms, but this moment of the pandemic feels hopeful. At age 87, I’m becoming reacquainted with the social life I had put

Should You Exercise When You Are Unwell?

If you are maintaining an exercise routine, then you no doubt know that consistency is key. However, keeping things up here can become more challenging

Ep. 33: The COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

In today’s episode, Dr. Brian Cole shares his thoughts on the national and global-wide vaccine mandates. Additionally, he discusses the newest studies and statistics about

Think You Won’t Get Coronavirus Outside? Think Again

Some people seem to confuse lower COVID-19 risk with no risk. But the outdoors aren’t magic, and you should still take precautions. Months into the

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