Episode 17.19?with Hosts Steve Kashul and Dr. Brian Cole. Broadcasting on ESPN Chicago?1000 WMVP-AM Radio, Saturdays from?8:30 to 9:00 AM/c.

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Segment One (01:25):?Scott Weissman, MS, CGC from Chicago Genetic Consultants talks about the value of genetic consulting?to assess your risk of certain conditions with a comfort in knowing that you will be making?fully informed decisions about genetic testing and your health.

The decision to evaluate your risk of having or developing a genetic condition is not an easy one to make.? There are many complexities that go into the choice to undergo genetic testing and meeting with a certified and licensed genetic counselor is one of the most important parts of the genetic testing process?in a variety of genetics disciplines including:

  • Cancer Genetics
  • Neurogenetics
  • Cardiogenetics
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Ocular Genetics
  • Whole genome/exome sequencing
  • Carrier Screening
  • Interpretation of genetic test results from direct-to-consumer genetic testing

Chicago Genetic Consultants

Segment Two (16:50): Dr.?Adam Yanke from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush talks about?Non Surgical Treatment for Arthritis. How biologic or stem cell therapy is used in the treatment of certain conditions.?Dr. Yanke’s motivation to perform both clinical and basic science research has always been to deliver the most advanced patient care possible.

This includes being involved in clinical trials that utilize stem cell injections for arthritis. He also believes that the cornerstones of good orthopedic care are proper indications and understanding that non-operative measures are commonly the most appropriate treatment.

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