Dance Your Way to Fitness

While some hard-core athletes may question the classification of dance as sport, the superb muscle tone and tremendous fitness of dancers prove otherwise. In fact,

Senior Exercise and Fitness Tips

It becomes harder to stick to an exercise routine as we grow older. We might have health issues and worries that restrict us from pursuing

7 Things Every Athlete Should Know About His Heart

Any strenuous exercise, including performance athletics, raises the body’s oxygen demand. As a result, in particular, Endurance and elite athletes undergo unique adaptations, such as

Physical Activities for Seniors: How Much Is Enough?

Movement and maintaining some level of fitness is important throughout the lifecycle. Often, though, exercise will look different as one ages. Physical activity recommendations for

How to Stay Safe When Working Out

Many of us prefer the simplicity of exercising alone, but there are more risks involved with going solo than when having a buddy sweating by

Top 4 Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Women

These days, women are always busy, constantly on the run, and juggling between different tasks that need to be done. Prolonged chronic stress often takes

10 Foods to Avoid When You Have Arthritis

For those who suffer from arthritis, simple dietary changes may help reduce inflammation and provide relief. Research shows that eliminating certain foods and beverages may

Maintain Memory and Focus by Avoiding These 5 Foods

While the temptation of French fries washed down with soda or a cold beer is real, new evidence shows those looking to enhance memory and

Here Are 7 Proven Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp As You Age

Contrary to belief, cognitive decline is not inescapable as you age. Just as exercise improves your physical fitness, there are proven ways to strengthen your

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