Does Exercise Lower the Risk of Dementia?

Some people dread growing old because of age-related illnesses. Being a burden to others and not being able to care for oneself can be truly

Seven of the Best Exercises for Seniors 

Are you an active senior citizen who loves taking walks, spending time outdoors, and working out? If so, there are a number of exercises you

Importance Of Fitness and Nutrition for Seniors

Improves Quality of Life Good nutrition has multiple benefits, including improving the quality of life. Seniors who eat a balanced meal can enjoy good health

Why Regular Exercise Is Crucial for Seniors

It’s easy for seniors to overlook the importance of regular exercise.  Physical inactivity and metabolic disorders can be caused by remaining sedentary throughout life. Senior

How Much Exercise Do You Need for a Longer, Healthier Life?

For many years, The American Heart Association and organizations such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have published physical activity guidelines outlining

Top 5 Knee Strengthening Exercises for Healthier Joints

As we age, the wear and tear on our knees can lead to joint pain or more significant knee injuries. One of the best ways

Dance Your Way to Fitness

While some hard-core athletes may question the classification of dance as sport, the superb muscle tone and tremendous fitness of dancers prove otherwise. In fact,

Senior Exercise and Fitness Tips

It becomes harder to stick to an exercise routine as we grow older. We might have health issues and worries that restrict us from pursuing

7 Things Every Athlete Should Know About His Heart

Any strenuous exercise, including performance athletics, raises the body’s oxygen demand. As a result, in particular, Endurance and elite athletes undergo unique adaptations, such as

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