This Podcast Segment features?Dr. Kim Duffy, the Life Science Product Manager at Vicon, a ?motion capture technology provider that works across the life sciences branches?.

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In today?s sporting world margins are closer than ever and milliseconds matter when aiming for first place. From elite to grassroots sports, athletes are turning to technology to measure and assess their play to improve performance. But it?s after an injury when athletes find this same tech more crucial than ever to accelerate and aid their return-to-play time and prevent future injuries from occurring.

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Traditionally, athletic trainers, physical therapists and more could only collect athletic performance data in a lab or clinical setting. But athletes are most comfortable and perform their best where it matters – ?on the field, in the pool, on the track – and that?s where this data should be collected. By leveraging wearable sensors and optical cameras, this real-time, objective data collection is now possible from the field.

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