Despite the fact that there are over one million tissue transplants performed every year, many specifically in the sports medicine field, tissue donation remains less understood than organ donation. To help provide an online resource on tissue donation and transplantation, AlloSource started its own educational website,

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Allograft Possibilities provides donation news and information, as well as tissue recipient stories for those interested in learning more about how donated tissue can be used to save and enhance lives.


The Science of Tissue Transplantation

Amidst the constantly changing world of medicine, innovative research from some of the world?s leading surgeons is finding new ways to use donated human tissue to treat a host of medical conditions. This tissue, referred to as allograft tissue, is donated by registered donors and their families, in the same way organs are donated, and it is used in many life-saving and enhancing medical procedures already, with numerous new opportunities on the horizon.

Donated human tissue is used in many surgical applications, saving peoples? lives and limbs daily. Allograft tissue is used to replace damaged structures in the body, from the ligaments and tendons of major league sports players, bones and joints of military men and women, to the musculoskeletal structures, teeth, skin, and spinal components of average citizens.

The possibilities for the use of human tissue in modern medicine are exciting. Surgeons are researchers are learning more about the growth biology of the human body, about regenerating bone and tissue and using donor stem cells to re-grow physical structures. More information is coming to light to achieve long-term success with groundbreaking procedures such as full limb transplantation.

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