Sitting for a long time is very common, with some people sitting for nearly 13 hours a day. Too much sitting is bad for your health and can lead to a lot of diseases and early death. For that and other reasons, governments around the world recommend 30 minutes of regular physical activity each day. However, this does not seem to be enough to take away the negative effect of long sitting time according to most studies.
So, too much sitting is bad. Right? But wait – not necessarily! According to researchers at the K.G. Jebsen Center for Exercise in Medicine from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, fit people who sit a lot do not have the same risk for disease as unfit people who sit a lot.
Fitness matters! Therefore, try to take breaks from sitting. Better yet,take up physical activities that improve your fitness level. The Norwegian research group favors high intensity interval training as it is short on time but high on effect, and can be done despite a busy schedule. They also have developed a seven week training program for people that want to improve their physical fitness.
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