Sports, Physical Activity and Sun Protection

Each year the U.S. spends over eight billion dollars treating skin disorders and cancers. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the US, affecting

Strict Rest Slows Recovery after Sports-Related Concussions

ACSM, Five Sports Medicine Organizations Publish New Guidance for Team Physicians Nearly 1.8 million sports-related concussions happen annually in youth under age 18 in the

Hourly 4-s Cycle Sprints Prevent Inactivity-Induced Impairment of Fat Metabolism

It is well known that daily exercise has health benefits, and physical inactivity is unhealthy. Inactivity, typically characterized by daily sitting time, needs to be

Move More or Sit Less: How to Maintain a Healthy Brain

Worldwide, a person is diagnosed with dementia every three seconds. Regular physical activity and limited sedentary behavior (i.e., time spent sitting or lying down) are

Four Ways to Develop a Healthy Mindset

In any athletes pursuit of high performance, most will make claims such as, “I need to get quicker!” or “I need a heavier forehand!”With such

Stay Active to Reduce Blood Pressure | Infographic

High Blood Pressure is one of the most common modifiable risk factors for heart disease and stroke in women. Approximately one in two adult women

Reduced Sitting Time Improves Blood Flow in Brain and Legs

During a regular day, the average person sits for eight to10 hours. These high levels of sitting time seem linked to an increased risk for

To Strength Train Right, Trust Your Feelings

You don’t need an elaborate workout plan to get the most out of your resistance workout; you just need to tune into how you feel

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