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Segment One:?Advancements?in Tissue Restoration & Replacement

Dr. Vishal Mehta?MD, Orthopedic Surgeon from?Fox Valley Orthopedics discusses?new technology and clinical research for cartilage replacement alternatives in collaboration with?AlloSource. ?Dr. Mehta is?the author of numerous peer-reviewed publications and book chapters, Dr. Mehta serves as a reviewer for?The American Journal of Sports Medicine,?Arthroscopy?and several other journals.

Watch Allograft Cartilage Transplant in 3D Animation

AlloSource is?one of the leading manufacturers of allograft tendons?and?fresh articular cartilage for joint restoration and has?introduced innovative ligament replacement tissues for joint restoration procedures.?An allograft is tissue that is surgically transplanted from a deceased donor. Approximately one million allografts are transplanted each year in the United States. Examples of procedures using allografts: ACL repair, joint reconstruction in the knee and ankle, meniscal replacement, shoulder repair.

?Segment Two:?Efficient Healing and Return to Play

Dr. Rick Proctor, Ed.D., LAT, ATC??discusses Vectra Neo from DJO Global, the new standard in physical agent modalities.?The Neo is a?medical device used in theVectra Neo Dual Therapy treatment of injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions that?helps to enhance?healing, decrease pain, inflammation & swelling and increase muscle strength. A new technology that delivers Electrotherapy, Ultrasound and Laser, used by medical providers and physical therapists to comfortably stimulate and create movement to return athletes to play after injury.

Dr. Proctor has been served as a clinician and an educator since 1981. For the past 30 years he has taught Therapeutic Modalities, Evaluation, and Rehabilitation courses at colleges and universities and across the nation to clinicians including Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Athletic Trainers. He served professor from 1984-1988 at Catawba College and from 1988-2010 at High Point University. He received his undergraduate degree from High Point University, masters from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and his doctorate in Exercise Science from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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