noah.athletesEPISODE 14.04: Joakim Noah’s personal trainer, Alex Perris talks with Dr. Cole and Steve Kashul about his background and history. Focusing on how his nutrition and training program for Noah, on and off season, helped to optimize his performance.?Alex began fitness training high-ranking military personnel while off duty and his passion became his career. While building his private training business with local, national and international clients, Alex began training his childhood friend and NBA star, Joakim Noah. Looking to become stronger, bigger and healthier after his rookie year, Joakim hired Alex to move to Chicago and become his personal trainer. With intense training and teamwork over the past 6 years, Alex and Joakim have experienced All-Star results. ossurbrace.product

In Segment 2, Marjorie Albohm MS, ATC, -Director of OSSUR?Academy discusses conservative alternatives to surgery in managing knee pain and deformities. Focusing on the OSSUR Unloader One device and other solutions for reducing pain and improving function.

?ssur Americas prides itself?on continuously pushing the boundaries to create some of the most effective, non-invasive mobility solutions on the market today. True advocates of ?Life Without Limitations??, its?focus is on Prosthetic, Osteoarthritis and Injury Solutions.??ssur Americas has served an extensive range of medical professionals, and worked closely with leading research and educational bodies in its?field. [30:00]?

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