Episode 14.07

Segment One-Sleep Deprivation: Dr. Jason Ong from Rush University Medical Center discusses sleep disorders and how they can affect overall sports performance, moods and behavior; how professional teams deal with east coast-west coast game travel and the impact?on speed, accuracy and endurance.?Dr. Jason Ong is an Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences and Director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Training Program at Rush University Medical Center. He received his PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University and completed a fellowship in Behavioral Sleep Medicine at Stanford University Medical Center.? His primary research and clinical interests involve behavioral treatments for insomnia and other sleep disorders as well as the impact of sleep disturbance on chronic health conditions.

Segment Two-Quad Dominance:?David Heidloff ATC, NASM, Performance Enhancement Specialist from Athletico discusses Quad Dominance; strength imbalance between muscle groups?related to injury risk and lack of stability;?training and conditioning to develop hamstring muscles and other solutions.

Dave has been working with over 1,200 athletes at Athletico?s affiliate, Oak Park and River Forest High School. There, he has used his experience to implement several strength and conditioning programs for many of the school?s athletic teams, integrating cutting-edge trends like barefoot training and metabolic conditioning. He takes pride in varying his workouts to address individual deficits, avoid injury, maintain enthusiasm, and maximize results. His programs focus on translating gains in the weight room to improved functional movements on the field.[30:00]

3 Solutions for Quad Dominance: A Known Injury Risk Factor

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