Many individuals nowadays opt to use low-impact cardio machines in doing their exercise routines. 

Low-impact cardio machines are exercise machines that can provide you with an effective workout minus the worry of having long-term effects that high-impact cardio can provide, including injuries or stressed joints, tendons, and ligaments. Low-impact cardio exercise provides a great alternative, and when you purchase the equipment, the exercise machine manual provides details on the equipment and workouts. If you want to change your routine, here are some suggestions that you might want to try for yourself. 

Rowing Machine 

The rowing machine is the first on our list for the best low-impact cardio exercise. It is a full-body workout that is best for losing weight. 

It works your entire body to ensure you get a complete range of movement. So, for example, even though your legs are doing 60% of the power per stroke, many other muscles are also activated, ensuring you get a full-body, all-around exercise.

You will feel the intensity of a rowing machine once you start using it. Despite being a low-impact cardiovascular exercise, it is an intense exercise that will provide you with better benefits than running. 

When purchasing the best water rowing machine, you should look for something that has a comfortable seat, resistance options, adjustable foot straps, less noise, digital dashboard stats, and available add-ons. 

Assault Bike

An assault bike or the air bike is a typical stationary bike but on a whole other level. However, many individuals favor assault bikes more often than traditional stationary bikes. Traditional stationary bikes, especially those designed for home use, utilize a strap or a wheel to provide resistance.

The straps or wheels should be manually adjusted, which can be inconvenient, and you can find it hard to adjust on a certain resistance that you prefer. Assault bikes, on the other hand, use air to create resistance. It means that the harder you pedal on the assault bike, the better the resistance it creates. 

Using an assault bike improves metabolic conditioning and increases endurance. It also helps train your body to distribute oxygen to your muscles more quickly. As a result, your lung capacity will also improve, and your heart will be strengthened.


An elliptical machine is an excellent cardio exercise that helps you lose weight and promotes better balance and coordination. This machine is one of the most common cardio machines you can find in a gym, and with a good reason. 

When using the elliptical machine, you mimic a running motion with both your arms and legs but without intense pressure. It is why elliptical machines are used by many individuals who want to do cardio similar to running but without putting tension on their joints. 

However, elliptical machines may be an excellent exercise for cardiovascular and lower body endurance. Unfortunately, it does not provide a similar effect on your upper body. 

Elliptical machines are also recommended for people who just recovered from an injury or surgery and want to go back to working out. 

Stair Climber 

We always hear that using the stairs is better than using the elevator. It is true because climbing up and down the stairs is an effective cardio exercise. Because of this, the stair climber machine was born and has become a staple in every gym. 

If you cannot access any stairs, using the stair climber can be a good alternative when you hit the gym. 

Many home gyms also opt for a stair climber as it only eats up a small space in your home. But despite the small space it needs, it can provide a huge impact on your fitness journey. If you haven’t used a stair climber before, you should start now, and you will immediately feel its intensity. 

It is also a good machine that focuses on your lower body as you will need to exert more force from your legs down your feet when using the machine. In addition, you can make use of your glutes, calves, quads, hamstrings, and core if you utilize the stair climber machine. 

Vertical Cardio Climber

If you want climbing, there is another machine you may not have heard about before, the vertical cardio climber. This type of climbing machine mimics the movement of climbing a mountain. It incorporates both cardio and aerobic activity, as well as strength training.

Exercising on a vertical climber, according to fitness experts, is an excellent way to engage in effective full-body workouts while burning hundreds of calories per session.

Start using the vertical cardio climber if you want to lessen your workout time, relieve your joints for tensions and avoid treadmills. 

Start Changing Your Routine 

Stop your suffering in enduring the pain you are experiencing every time you run. There are better ways to still get the benefits of running without the pain. With these suggested cardiovascular exercise machines, you will be assured that you will still be en route to your fitness goal. So, start the change and see the difference.

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