Just because we don?t want to go to the gym doesn?t mean we can?t get in a good workout Bodyweight Exercises: Workouts You Can Do Anywhereat home or even in the park.? By using our own bodyweight, we can conveniently workout wherever we are and in whatever amount of time we have.? Bodyweight exercises can aid in gaining strength, building muscle, losing weight and boosting cardiovascular fitness.? Along with these benefits, Judi Brown, a personal trainer and contributor at?FitStar,?provides us with additional reasons as to why bodyweight workouts are so great (click?here for even more reasons from Greatist):

  1. Strength Training and Cardio Combined ? During each workout, we can do cardio moves like high-knees in between strength moves like push-ups and planks to keep our heart rates up while still building muscle and strength.
  2. Everyone Can Do It ? Each exercise can be modified based on fitness level and age by performing it faster or slower with less or more repetitions.
  3. Increased Flexibility ? Completing exercises through a full range of motion not only ensures our joints are moving freely, but may decrease our risk of injury.
  4. Cheap, Fun Fitness ? By only needing to use our bodyweight, we don?t need to buy pricey equipment or even pay for a gym membership.? On top of this, with the amount of exercise variations available, our next workout can always be different than our last.

Below are some sites that list body-weight routines and individual exercise moves to start you on your convenient workout journey now:

Full Routines

Individual Exercises

  • Health ? 25 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
  • Men?s Fitness ? 5 Body Weight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

By Cori Breedlove?for ATI Physical Therapy

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