Losing weight can be tough, especially if you don’t know how to get started. Fortunately, with the availability of advanced technology today, the process is more convenient for everyone. But, can technology help you lose weight The answer is yes, but only if you do your part  which is to stick to a regular workout routine with your best efforts.

It’s also possible to shed extra pounds with biohacking, which is the term used for losing weight with the use of tools and technology. Depending on your preferences, there are different tech products you can use for your weight loss journey; these include fitness watches, activity trackers, smart bathroom scales, mobile fitness apps and more.

Below are some ways in which technology can help you lose weight effectively:

  • Technology Can Help Keep Track Of Your Workouts

One of the ways in which technology can help you with your weight loss journey is to assist you in tracking your workouts. With the use of gadgets like smartwatches, it’s much easier to track your accomplishments. It not only tracks the time that you have spent doing it, but also the calories you have lost. This offers you a bigger picture of the activities, and whats better for your body and time.

Depending on the gadgets you use, there are several exercises that can be tracked, including running, cycling and swimming. Some gadgets are also capable of tracking how much you have walked, which you can include in your daily diary.

  • Technology Can Help You Keep Moving With Your Exercise Plan At Home
Lockdown sports. Fit girl doing abs exercises to online workout video at home

Due to the lockdown restrictions, many people were forced to stop their gym classes. Fortunately, with todays technology, you can keep moving with your exercise plan at home. Although it’s not easy to follow a home workout routine, the best way to start is by watching a workout video with tips from a fitness instructor.

Normally, recorded or live videos are 25-45 minutes and don’t require any fitness equipment. If you can’t work out without equipment, you can improvise one to maintain your regular workout routine.

  • Technology Can Help You Find Healthy Recipes For Effective Weight Loss

If you are not a nutritionist or a doctor, you probably won’t know what kind of calorie intake you should have, or how many calories are in various foods. The key to achieving great results when losing weight is to eat the right food.

With technology, you can quickly search and read different recipes to prepare at home. Aside from these, there are apps that you can use to calculate calories. Such apps allow you to scan barcodes, so that you can calculate your daily caloric intake.

  • Technology Can Help You Set Your Weight Loss Goals

If you want to lose weight successfully then you should have a plan, because you need to be clear with yourself regarding the goal-weight you want to achieve. A plan can also help you to set a timeframe for reaching your weight loss goal.

In order to set your goals and timeframe effectively, you can use fitness apps to input and register your current height, weight, gender, age, habits and your ultimate goal. Such apps can calculate your timeframe to achieve it and provide you with information regarding the best ways to do so.

There are also apps that will notify you when to drink water and take supplements, and calculate the nutritional values of your drinks to help you stay fit.

  • Technology Can Help You Track Your Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important when it comes to weight loss. If you don’t get a good nights sleep, it can have a serious impact on your goals. The reason behind this is that having good quality sleep helps your body to reset, and recover from the exercises you have done.

Certain fitness apps have sleep trackers, which can provide you with information about your sleep patterns throughout the night and give you more weight loss tips, involving ways to improve your sleep at night. Trackers also use a heart rate monitor, which improves accuracy on things like the amount of deep sleep you are getting.

  • Technology Can Help You Monitor Your Weight

It isn’t fun to watch your weight, but it’s important if you want to know your progress and how much of an impact your workouts are having on your body.

At present, there are many smart bathroom scales that you can purchase. When compared to regular scales, advanced scales are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and feature various functions that allow you to monitor your BMI and muscle mass. Such information can be accessed directly from your smartphone or any mobile device you have. This means that you can keep track of your progress at the same time as monitoring meals, calorie data, and activities.

If you are clueless about your weight loss progress, using smart bathroom scales may come in handy. Just make sure to choose one thats equipped with good quality and useful features for weight loss.

  • Technology Provides Personalized Notifications And Reminders

Keeping track of your fitness progress can be difficult, most particularly if you have a busy lifestyle. By taking advantage of modern technology, you will be provided with the assistance you require in a tailored manner with regards to reminders and scheduling.

For effective weight loss, better lifestyle and healthy diet, scheduling is crucial. If you are skipping meals or you forget to eat, it’s an unhealthy habit that may affect your weight loss journey, and face you with struggles such as anorexia, which is an unhealthy mental relationship with weight loss. If your eating patterns concern you, make sure to seek professional help.


Overall, technology provides you with more options to stay active and get into shape. However, you will have to combine it with extra effort. Keep in mind that technology like trackers can only provide you with the information to avoid slipping into bad habits and to stay motivated. Before you undertake any exercise program or diet plan, it’s best to consult your doctor first to get proper instructions or guidelines that you can follow for optimal weight loss results.

Micaela Quick
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