Two years after his cartilage transplant, Phil honored his tissue donor by competing in his first CrossFit competition, taking third place in his division. Six months ago, he joined Full Dimension CrossFit, a local CrossFit gym, to challenge himself. He not only found a new passion, but also an incredible community of support in his fellow athletes and coaches.

Phil also received the ?Spirit of CrossFit Wars 2016? award for his strength, courage, inspiration and showing up daily without complaint. ?I did this for my donor,? said Phil. ?I wish the donor family knew how much I cherish this gift that I was so fortunate to receive.?

Phil feels fortunate to train with the amazing athletes and coaches who inspire him daily. Working hard every day is how Phil maximizes the gift he was given, honoring his donor by pushing himself and getting stronger.

Congratulations to Phil on this exciting milestone!


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