Episode 14.23

Segment One – Dr. Brian Cole and Steve Kashul are joined by Milwaukee Bucks director of scouting, and former NBA point guard, Billy McKinney to?share stories about player injuries and player compensation.?With player access to the most sophisticated training and training personnel- why are players hurt and require surgery more than they did in the past.

Billy McKinney

Over a 30 year period, Billy McKinney has established himself as one of the most experienced and versatile executives in the NBA. McKinney has served as a player, scout, assistant coach, administrator, consultant, as well as an on-air analyst for several teams? television and radio broadcasts. He currently serves as the director of scouting for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Billy’s lifelong friend Chick Sanford from Thera Tech Equipment discusses?Continuous Passive Motion hand device, a post-operative therapy designed to aid in recovery afterXT DigiGlide Kaiser Portable Hand CPM joint surgery, both in the hospital and at home. If a patient fails to move the joint sufficiently and properly after surgery, it will become stiff and scar tissue will form. This may result in a joint with limited range of motion, from which it can take months of physical therapy to recover. A CPM device is used to move the joint through a prescribed range of motion for an average of 3-6 weeks without the patient?s muscles being used.


? Reduced pain, stiffness and swelling with an increase in synovial fluid flow helping in the healing process

? Increased range of motion

? Decreased formation of random scar tissue or adhesions

Segment TwoDr. Larry Robbins from Robbins Headache Clinic discusses exercise and headaches: causes, types and treating pro athletes who experience this condition. People with migraines often complain that exercise either brings on a headache, or increases one. How do you approach someone with migraines who has difficulty exercising because of the headache??Advice for people who say that running, weight lifting, or aerobics bring on a headache.

Lawrence Robbins, M.D., is considered to be one of the top 10 experts in the country on management of headache medication. He also is a leader in the field on “refractory” headaches: those that are difficult to treat. He started the American Headache Society section on refractory headaches, and has written as much on the topic as anyone in the world. Doctor Robbins has spearheaded cutting edge research, ranging from the immune system in headache patients to Botox for headache. He was one of the first to recognize how headaches can be linked to anxiety and bipolar disorder. He remains one of the few headache doctors who treat psychological disorders.

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