Episode 16.28?with Hosts Steve Kashul and Dr. Brian Cole. Broadcasting on ESPN Chicago?1000 WMVP-AM Radio, Saturdays from?8:30 to 9:00 AM/c.

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Segment One: Dr. Tracy Ray, Sports Medicine Specialist with Duke University Health System talks with Dr. Cole and Steve about osteoarthritis and how to keep patients active and functional; use of physical therapy, bracing, anti-inflammatory medication, injections and surgery; relationship of OA to participation in high level sports, aging and genetics.

A pathway to regaining natural motion and a healthier lifestyle

THE DJO GLOBAL SOLUTION? PRESCRIBE MOTION. Patients experiencing pain may be less inclined to be physically active. Without motion, the risk of health decline increases as may the overall cost of healthcare. Over time,

DJO 600degeneration may accelerate to the degree where surgery is the only option. MotionCARE provides education and guidance along the patient?s pathway to care, to help patients restore motion and improve their lives by addressing four common areas; pain, alignment, strength and stability. Motion is Medicine encourages patients to select treatment options which optimize activity level, thereby decreasing their risk for diabetes, heart disease and other conditions associated with low levels of physical activity.

Segment Two: Steve and Dr. Cole discuss ankle sprains in the NBA; causes, treatment and prevention.

A little about the ankle joint..?The ankle joint is made up of three bones, shaped to stabilize the lower leg and the foot. Ligaments connect these bones together and help reinforce and prevent unnecessary movement.

What happens when the ankle is injured/sprained??A sudden movement, twist or pivot; commonly on the lateral/outer ankle, can overstretch the supporting ligaments. This can cause ligament tears, bleeding and inflammation around the ankle joint.

Symptoms include:?swelling (within minutes or over several hours),?pain to the ankleswollenankle joint, especially when weight-bearing or walking and?bruising.?Ankle sprains are most commonly seen in sports which involve jumping, side-to-side movement (basketball and netball) and running.?If someone has previously sprained their ankle, they are usually prone to reoccurring injuries, especially if not treated properly.

Immediate treatment

STOP activity;?REST ankle joint;?ICE effected area for 24 hours, every hour for 15-20minutes. This helps ease pain and decrease the inflammation around the joint;?COMPRESS with a bandage from the foot to the lower calf

Segment Three: Peter Stevens,?Vice President of Strategy, Development & Growth at AlloSource talks with Dr. Cole about the advancements in regenerative medicine; new uses for donor tissue to improve healing and recovery; cartilage repair; use of stem cells to help healing and improve bone union.

Advancing Sports Medicine Research

AlloSource has recently partnered with NASA to utilize new techniques to avoidAllo_ESPN_logo-banner_300x250_04-16 contamination and promote health retention of live tissue to shorten the approval phase in transplantation.

In his role with AlloSource, Peter oversees the ongoing development of the overall company strategy, ensuring input from all sources, both internal and external. He is directly responsible for the implementation strategy through the coordinated activities of Research & Development and Licenses & Acquisitions.

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