Regardless of your current level of fitness, you should ?be able to build from nothing to being to able to run for a half an hour, without much huffing and puffing, in less than 8 weeks.?Nevertheless, if you are serious about making this happen, you would need to commit to run at least three times per week, and follow the beginner run-walk program that I?m going to share with you today.

Ron Sombilon

The Run/walk Method

The run-walk method will help you build enough cardiovascular power to run straight for 30 minutes without running the risks of injury and/or over-training. This helps with your consistency and and lessens the risks of burnouts and other related trouble.?Not only that the run/walk method is great for beginners who want to get fit without getting hurt, this? program is also ideal for gym rates who are fit and have exercised before (e.g. weight lifting, martial arts, swimming, etc), but are new comers to the sport of running.

In addition, if ?you just took a long break from running , due to injury, lack of motivation or any other reason, the run/program should be your stepping stone into your former running glory.?The main goal behind this program is to make small, consistent steps, not giant leaps. Running is convenient and requires no technical instruction, but that does not mean that it?s easy. ?Your body has to adapt to the high-impact nature of running. And this does not happen overnight.

Try this beginner-friendly running training program to help you slim down, get in shape and be ready for more running?. Each week, you?ll make small increases in your running distance (time) while cutting your walking distance.


Note: if you can already run for more than a half an hour with ease, then skip this. It?s not for you. Experienced runners should up the ante by doing other forms of running, such as sprints, hill reps, or working on increasing mileage for the long run.

Week 1: Warm-up walking for 5 minutes at a brisk pace. Then alternate running for one minute at easy pace, followed with three minutes of brisk walking. Example: Run 1-minute, walk 3-minute. Repeat the cycle 5 to 7 times. Finish off the sessions with a 5-minute easy walk. Do three sessions per week.

Week 2: Run 2-minute, walk 2-minute. Repeat six times

Week 3: Run 3-minute, walk 1-minute. Repeat five times

Week 4: Run 5-minute, walk 90-second. Repeat four times

Week 5: Run 8-minute, walk 1-minute. Repeat three times

Week 6: Run 12-minute, walk 1-minute. Repeat three time

Week 7: Run 15-minute, walk 1-minute, run another 15-minute.

Week 8: Run 30-minute at an easy and controlled pace.

This is a basic beginner plan, so feel free to adjust this program to meet your own needs and fitness level. Just make sure to get fit without getting hurt.

The ideal beginner program consists of 3 workouts a week. If you can manage to fit in more than three workout a week, than that?s way better. Just don?t do too much too soon.

To stay on the safe side, make sure to start off all of your run-walk sessions with a proper warm-up, and finish it off with a decent cool-down. Run at an easy pace during the running intervals?that?s the equivalent of 60 to 70 percent of your heart rate. During the running intervals, you should be able to pass the ?talk test?.

Also known as ?conversation pace?, this pace means that you are able to speak with your buddy while running without much trouble. If you can?t say even word without grunting , then you are doing too much.

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