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Segment 1:?The Gift of Life Through Donation: The Garrett Brockway?Story

Bruce Brockway, the father of Garrett Brockway shares his son’s story with us.

A Typical Boy-?As a 10 year old typical boy, Garrett was involved in many activities where he enjoyed spending as much time with his buddies as possible. Among those activities were baseball, soccer, basketball and Tae Kwon Do. He had also celebrated his 1st place Pinewood Derby victory and enjoyed the many fun activities with being a Webelo scout. Outside of his active lifestyle, Garrett was a kind, caring and fun loving boy that adored spending time with his family and being an alter server at St. John?s the Baptist Church.

From the start, Garrett was always an exemplary student and became an avid reader, reading at the ninth grade reading level. As a proud big brother of his sister Adeline, he couldn?t wait for the fall of 2013 when she would start Kindergarten and join him at Notre Dame.

To say Garrett was a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team was an understatement. He rarely missed watching a game and could rattle off most of the players? stats. Many memories were made at Busch Stadium including the last game he attended in September when his Dad caught 2 foul balls and he got to join other kids in running the bases after the game.

The Day that Changed Everything-?On February 24th, 2013 while working on the family property with his Dad, Garrett was struck by a falling tree. After Garrett?s parents were told he would not survive, they decided to donate his organs, corneas and tissues with the hope of helping others in need. Garrett was a young and healthy boy and his parents knew his gifts of life could answer the prayers for many, saving them and their families from the same despair.

Our Big Hero- ?Five lives were saved through Garrett?s gift of organ donation: a 14-year-old boy received his heart; another 14 year-old-boy with three younger sisters received his liver; a 43-year-old woman received his pancreas; a 28-year-old man that had been on dialysis for over four years received one of his kidney?s while a 65-year-old man that was a ?perfect match? received his other kidney.

His corneas improved vision for a 10-year-old girl and a 63-year-old woman. Countless other people have had their lives improved through his tissues, including a boy with chronic knee pain and a police officer wounded in the line of duty.?While his lungs were unable to be transplanted, they were donated to University of Iowa?s Cystic Fibrosis Research Center and at the time of donation were the youngest set of non-cystic fibrosis lungs received.

While Garrett?s family grieves his untimely passing every day, they have found great comfort in their strong faith and knowing the life changing impact his gifts have made on his recipients and their family and friends. The Garrett M. Brockway Foundation was created to honor Garrett by improving awareness for organ donation. In addition, the foundation strives to make a positive impact on children through academic opportunities and athletic programs.

AlloSource is a nonprofit organization founded in 1994 to honor and respect the gift of human tissue donation by responsibly developing, processing and distributing life-saving and life-enhancing allografts.?http://allograftpossibilities.org/

Segment Two: Steve Kashul and Dr. Brian Cole discuss the importance of rest and recovery for NBA players; advanced tracking technology used?measure minutes of exposure, fatigue and other critical data to help manage performance and injuries.

Segment Three:?PepsiCo Showdown and it?s collaborative efforts with Shred415

Joe Trost, Founder of PepsiCo Showdown Soccer Tourney and Mark Beier, Director of Training for Shred415 describe their work together to benefit players and their cause.
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PepsiCo Showdown is?the largest high school boys and girls soccer tournament in the U.S. In its 13th year, the PepsiCo Showdown features 216 high schools and more than 21,500 athletes in 2016. Joe also serves on the board of directors for Buddy?s HELPERS, which focuses on engaging and educating student-athletes around the importance of Making A Difference On AND Off The Field.

Shred415 was created by Chicago fitness experts Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer, who bring?more than 20 years of fitness-training experience?to Shred415?s seven locations. With some of Chicago and St. Louis? top trainers, the Shred415 experience is an instructor-led, calorie-burning, interval training class designed to target all muscle groups.?Alternating between cardio work on top quality Woodway treadmills and weight-training, you’ll increase muscle and burn calories in a fun, fast-paced workout tailored to your level and your goals.

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