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Dev K. Mishra, M.D. Founder, Sideline Sports Doc

Sports teams and leagues may have coaching first-aid or other risk management tools at their disposal, but many coaches are still not fully trained in handling on-field injuries.?Many well-intentioned resources available don’t really teach the coach how to handle on-field injury effectively.?Sideline Sports Doc?breaks down the essentials of on-field injury management into easy-to-digest segments that you can use to manage and significantly reduce player injury within your team or league. Watch the Video.


It?s the second half of a soccer game that your team has well in hand. One of your substitutes accidentally collides with a member of the opposing team, and suffers a blow to the head. He appears a bit dazed, but springs back to his feet moments later.?He usually doesn?t get much playing time and is pleading with you to let him continue playing?

Should he be benched or allowed to continue playing?

Discover what you need to know to make the right decision…


?Segment Two: Avoiding Overuse Injuries in Baseball

Dr. Bush-Joseph, Head Team Physician for the Chicago White Sox talks with Steve Kashul about overuse injuries in Little League and well as Professional Athletes: proper warm ups along with a focus on the proper balance of throwing duration, frequency and intensity.

Long involved in the care of high school, collegiate, and recreational athletes, Dr. Bush-Joseph is the head team physician for the Chicago White Sox Major League Baseball Club and Associate Team Physician for the Chicago Bulls. Thru his experience with high profile professional athletes,Dr. Bush-Joseph was elected to the Major League Baseball Medical Advisory Board and president of the Major League Baseball Team Physician Association for 2012. This exclusive group of team physicians advises the Major League Baseball Commissioner on medical policy and emerging trends in training and the medical care of the elite athlete.

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