Karen Malkin Health Counseling

Q: Karen, what is unique about your approach?

A: My approach combines cutting-edge science and the psychology of eating with aKaren Malkin practical approach to whole foods and healthy living.

In simple terms, we use the most effective scientific strategies and apply them to your everyday life ? turning theory into practice so you can integrate healthy habits into your lifestyle in a way that is easy, sustainable, and fun.

What makes my approach unique is that we focus on bio-individuality ? meaning that instead of a “one size fits all” protocol, we look at what your unique body needs right now. What worked for you 5 years ago, may no longer work, even though it may be perfectly healthy.

There is no one “perfect diet” that works for everyone ? we are all different people living in different bodies, therefore, every body needs a different diet. In this program, you will learn about bio-individuality and how to listen to your body. This will help develop your intuition for bringing your body back to its optimum state of balance. We offer individual and group programs, cleanses, and corporate wellness seminars custom-designed to improve your health.

Q: What RESULTS can I expect from working with you?

A: Whether looking to lose those last 15-20 lbs, lower cholesterol, kick sugar, balance hormones or double your energy, what you eat can make a huge difference! This work has changed my life as well as hundreds of my clients around the world and there’s a good chance that it will work for you too ? even if nothing else has worked before.

Every session builds on the last. By the end of your experience, you will look and feel completely different than you do right now.

Picture this:

* You are confident about what to eat! You know exactly what works for your body and what doesn’t. No magic diet pills, just time-tested approaches that work really well for busy, active individuals.

* You have double the energy ? naturally. No more 4pm slumps, cravings, sugar or carb binges. You feel awake, alert, and excited about life.

* You now have a routine that works in the context of your busy lifestyle so instead of yo-yo dieting, you now choose healthy living as a natural behavior. It’s just what you do!

* You are so inspired in the kitchen! You know how to make quick, delicious, EASY, healthy meals without stressing out or sacrificing flavor. No bland or boring foods here. You have adopted my secret shortcuts in the kitchen so healthy cooking isn’t a big burden or time-consuming. You have simple and easy solutions that anyone can learn but still impress your friends and family.

* You LOVE your body. No more wardrobe or shopping blues. You can wear clothes that make you feel like your best you.

* You feel better than ever about your relationship with food. We are what we eat?literally. What we consume becomes our cells, our tissues, our energy ? even our thoughts and moods. Learn to love yourself from the inside out.

Your life changes dramatically when you are eating well, and when you make the connection that food has on your mood, mind, body, and energy. If you are eating well, the chances of you living and extraordinary life are pretty good.

Q: What programs do you offer?

A: Each program is designed with a specific result in mind. Whether you are looking to do a seasonal cleanse, lose 10-20 lbs, or completely customize your ultimate wellness plan to double your energy, balance the ups and downs and fall in love with healthy eating, you’ll find that all of my programs motivate you to live your best life!

? VIP Transformation
? 14 Day Transformation
? Strong N’ Healthy Students
? 75 Minute In-Depth Consultation

Q: Who will benefit best from one of your programs and what is expected of the client?

A: I love working with people who are excited about trying something new, who are ready to show up for themselves and take responsibility for having the BEST life ever.

Q: Who is NOT likely to benefit from your programs?

A: Those looking for a quick fix and those who are not willing to follow through. This program is probably not appropriate for you if you are clinging to excuses, or if you are expecting me to do all the work. I want to work with people who are ready to make health a priority, who are open to the inquiry into their self-destructive habits, and who are looking for a fresh perspective.

If you are motivated and excited, I can help you get out of your own way, part the clouds of self-sabotage, and make the process simple and easy. We will not be counting calories or grams of fat. Our work will be about building your intuition about what works best for your unique body so you can engage in the experience of being fully ALIVE.

Q: How can I guarantee to get the most out of the program and reach my goals?

A: Obviously, much of your success depends on you. There is no quick fix. The best way to ensure good results is to be clear about what is working and what is not and to also follow the agreed-upon recommendations we discuss.

Q: I’m not ready to commit to a whole program, how do I find out if this is right for me?

A: Great! The first step is to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with me. You will come away with a crystal clear picture of what is keeping you stuck, a map of what your program would look like, and what you can start doing right now to take your health to the next level.

Q: What are the qualifications of an AzCIM Integrative Health Coach?

A: University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine (AzCIM) Integrative Health Coaching certification program, founded by Andrew Weil, MD, is a blend of online coursework, video-conference-based mentor-supervised group and individual practice, documented practice-client hours, face-to-face training sessions, and rigorous assessments to ensure both skill and knowledge attainment.

AzCIM defines Integrative Health Coaching (IHC) as a client-centered, relational approach to working with individuals collaboratively to address the health and wellbeing of the whole person. It acknowledges the interdependent roles of mind, body and spirit, and the innate healing capacity within each person, with an emphasis on self-care. An integrative health coach forms a partnership with individuals or groups to empower and support them in achieving their personal goals related to optimal health and wellness.

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