Life these days is BUSY. ?It is often filled with work, errands, kid activities, homework, meal preparation, and if we are lucky, seven hours of sleep each night. ?We often have to make sacrifices when it comes to our own personal goals of health and wellness in order to fit in our endless amount of commitments. ?Finding the time to drive to the gym, exercise, and drive home can be daunting, or just down right unfeasible. I?m here to tell you that small bouts of moderate intensity exercise CAN make a positive difference in muscle tone, strength, endurance, and even our waistline. ?

Click here for some exercises you can do at home ? and even better: they can be done in a small space with no special equipment. Our own bodies can provide plenty of resistance for improving strength, along with increasing heart rate, especially when combined with repetition and reduced downtime between activities. ?Consider having the whole family take part in the 10 Minute Workout! It?s a great way to spend a little time together, promotes health and wellness for the whole family, and can even have some friendly competition!

These exercises should be done without experiencing joint pain. ?While you may feel muscle fatigue, or muscle soreness, joint pain is not normal, and should not be ignored. ?If you are new to an exercise routine, start slowly with sets and repetitions. Shoot for 10 repetitions for each exercise, except the planks. ?Start with 3-4 repetitions for the planks. You can eventually work your way up to performing these activities together as a circuit and increasing hold times on the static activities. ?Set a timer for 10 minutes and keep participating in the activities until the timer dings!

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By Maria Kronk, PT, MPT, CMPT, SCS – a Physical Therapist and Clinic Director with Ivy Rehab in Lisle, IL. Maria KronkMs. Kronk has over 15 years of experience in the Out-Patient Physical Therapy setting. She specializes in treating patients with varying musculoskeletal dysfunctions. ?Ms. Kronk is also passionate about health, wellness, and fitness, and loves incorporating these concepts into the care of her patients.

To reduce the risk of injury, before beginning this or any exercise program, please consult a healthcare provider for appropriate exercise prescription and safety precautions. The exercise instructions and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation.

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