back-painAn array of non-surgical treatments, along with disc replacement, can help restore spinal function and offer relief from discomfort.

In this West Suburban Living magazine feature, ‘Relieving Back Pain,’ two Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush physicians talked about the spectrum of treatment options available to patients. Dr. Edward Goldberg, spine surgeon, says, “After about age 40, many of us are walking around with minor spine arthritis and herniated discs?without even knowing it. By age 70, we don’t?see new hernias because the discs are too worn out to herniate. Older people are seeking treatment more often now than they did in the past because they?are still physically active and they want to stay that way.”

Dr. Madhu Singh, interventional physiatrist, explains, “I’m here to help patients exhaust every conservative measure we can before resorting to surgery. Most back injuries can be successfully treated without surgery, so it makes sense to avoid the complications and risks of going through surgery if possible.”

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