Easing Back Into a Workout Routine after an Extended Break

Skipping your workouts for a few days or a week is not going to derail your efforts in any way. It may, in fact, actually be

Ep. 21: Maximizing Performance After Injury with Eric Ridings, B.S., LMT

Eric Ridings, B.S., LMT, joins the podcast to talk about recovering from various degrees of injury and how he helps his clients develop a return

Swim Exercises for Weight Loss – Workouts that Work

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise that provides an all-round body workout. Swimming works every muscle in the body and is one of the

Do We Really Need to Take 10,000 Steps a Day for Our Health?

The advice that we take 10,000 steps a day is more a marketing accident than based on science. Taking far fewer may have notable benefits.

5 Things to Know Before Choosing Your Hockey Gear

Ice hockey is a favored sport all over the world and is very popular in the US. Playing ice hockey can be exciting, and most

How Weight Training May Help With Weight Control

People who regularly do muscle-strengthening exercises are about 20 to 30 percent less likely to become obese over time than people who do not. Lifting

To Avoid Running Injuries, Don’t Shake Up Your Routine Too Much

Runners who made eight or more changes to their running routines were at high risk of injury, especially if they were feeling stressed. According to

7 Tips To Prevent Sports Injuries Before They Happen

Whether you play sports for competition or fitness, you don’t want to be sidelined with an injury. Time away from the game or forced inactivity

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