Dr. Brian Cole talks with Chris Zlevor, a patient who experienced three knee surguries before participating in the Aesculap Novacart 3D Clinical Trial. This discussion covers the process of participation and followup experience as a patient in the study. Aesculap Biologics focuses on the manufacturing of tissue engineered products for the regeneration of diseased or damaged joint tissues.

A Phase 3 clinical trial is currently being conducted for?NOVOCART?3D, a tissue engineered cell-based product designed to repair articular cartilage defects of the knee.?If you believe you or your patients might qualify for one of our clinical trials or wish to be evaluated, please contact our research administrator, Kavita Ahuja, MD at (312) 563-2214 or?kavita.ahuja@rushortho.com?or inquire at your next visit.

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