Cartilage Injury

Explore knee anatomy and maladies with this interactive presentation. Discover the anatomy of the knee and the possible maladies that affect the way we live by learning about?Torn ACL, Patellar Dislocation and other maladies.

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Learn About Your Cartilage InjuryLearn About Your Cartilage Injury

Cartilage damage can be caused by athletic activity, traumatic injury, and even daily wear and tear. Symptoms of an injury can include aching, pain, swelling, locking, catching or giving way of the knee. Only your doctor can determine if your symptoms are due to cartilage injury.

Learn more about how cartilage injury can negatively impact your daily life and activity.

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Made from a patient?s own cells, NeoCart? is an investigational cartilage tissue implant to treat certain knee cartilage injuries. The proprietary procedure uses regenerative medicine technology to create hyaline-like?cartilage tissue from a patient?s own cells.? The NeoCart??investigational study is intended to determine if NeoCart?may potentially result in durable, long-lasting patient response.knee_illustration_04To generate the NeoCart? cartilage tissue implant, a surgeon first obtains a small sample of normal cartilage from a patient?s knee through a minimally invasive arthroscopy, or ?knee scope.? This small tissue sample, or biopsy, is then treated and placed under special conditions that allow for cell growth, organization and tissue formation. This allows the patient?s own cells to form a hyaline-like cartilage tissue implant before being returned to the surgeon for implantation.? The implant can be trimmed so that it fits the injury site (like a puzzle piece). Click here to learn more about the NeoCart trial, or to see if you may be eligible to participate, please go to the Can I Participate page. Talk with your doctor about?potential risks?associated with NeoCart?. Caution: New Biologic. Limited by Federal law to investigational use only and is not available for sale.

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