OneLegacy, the nation?s largest organ, eye and tissue procurement organization, has expanded its reach of helping more people lead healthier lives through its new commitment to provide fresh, ?living? cartilage to the nonprofit JRF Ortho. This cartilage, which can be used by surgeons throughout the world, will allow more people to walk and will allow young athletes to more easily continue to pursue their passion.

?There is an incredible need for fresh tissue from young donors that can be placed in the knee, ankle or other joints of waiting patients to dramatically improve movement and quality of life,? said Diane Wilson, chairman of the board of JRF Ortho. ?Thankfully OneLegacy has stepped up to meet this challenge, and because of them we can expect to see superior clinical results and even more positive patient outcomes from those we serve.?

Fresh tissue?that which is not frozen or embedded in preservatives?can be used to replace and repair defects in articulating joints or torn or damaged meniscus. In many cases fresh grafts allow mobility that couldn?t be accomplished with alternate grafts or prostheses.?The challenge is that these live, living cells need to be transplanted within 28 days of processing; and few organizations have been able to make the commitment to achieve that high standard. Now OneLegacy has.

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