After a cold, snowy, and record-setting winter in Chicago, believe it or not, golf is just around the corner. Now that the snow melted, temperatures are increasing, and grass is growing, divots will be flying on the golf course. The last thing you want this season is to be sidelined because of an injury after being sidelined for by the weather.  Golf is a dynamic, athletic movement that entails neurological and musculoskeletal components. In order for you to return to mid-season form, you must take care of the most important aspect of your game: your body.
PGA athletes make major changes to their bodies during the off-season in order to better their games.  Not only can physical activity, golf-specific exercises and stretching improve your game, but it can also help prevent injury during the season. If you are an individual that has to use pain medication to get through a round of golf, it might be time to change the way your body is moving.
junior golf back swingIn general, the most important muscles to have strength and stability in are the glutes, lower abdominals, and scapular stabilizers (assist the shoulder�??s rotator cuff muscles while in motion). Other parts of the body require increased mobility, such as the hamstrings, hips, thoracic spine (mid-back), and shoulders. A good off-season regimen can help to keep you on the links. Golf-specific stretching and strengthening can greatly benefit golfers of all ages.
To help decrease your chances of injury and improve your game, make sure that you are performing a warm-up stretching routine prior to each round. Focus on those areas where mobility is required in the swing.

A quick 5-minute warm-up routine could consist of:

Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and perform 2 of each.  5 minutes before the round can help you to prevent hours of pain and agony that could occur because of an injury.
Elgin_Jeremy_HeadShot (4)This article was written by Jeremy H. Smith, PT, DPT, Certified Golf Instructor.  Jeremy is the Manager of Golf and Performance Services at Athletico�??s Golf Performance Center at Oak Brook.  Athletico�??s Golf Performance Center is a unique Athletico facility that houses orthopedic rehabilitation and year-round golf training with 3-D technology and golf fitness equipment under one roof.  For more information on Athletico�??s Golf Performance Center, please visit or call 630-572-9700.

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