Skating is a fun way of staying fit for those who don’t like strenuous workouts or running. People can do it anywhere, in their neighborhood as well, and can stay fit or lose weight. More people are tending towards it as it is fun and helpful for the body at the same time. Inline skating is easy on the joints and will strengthen your glutes and legs. This is a great form of cardio as well as an aerobic workout.

1. Calorie burn

When you are trying to lose calories or stay fit, people often start counting calories. You start measuring that first while eating or running or doing your daily dose of workout. But people don’t understand or know that inline skating burns calories too other than just being fun. It is a very good form of exercise and has many health benefits that people are unaware of.

If you do it properly, it reduces wear and tears other than burning your extra calories. Moreover, if you do it persistently for over an hour, skating burns more calories than any other exercise like jogging or running. If you’re worried about where to get Inline skates, then don’t worry. You can buy womens skates online so now it is very easy to order them. With so many benefits, inline skating can enhance your lifestyle and add a plus point to your fitness routine.

2. Low impact workout

Other than just burning your calories, there are other health benefits of skating due to its low impact on the joints and bones. So, the people who don’t prefer jogging due to its high impact on the back, knees and ankles, love this. If the person is already suffering chronic pain in the knees or ankles, jogging or running can even harm their body.

Also, the bones of those people are already weak, and continuous jarring due to jogging or running erodes the bone materials more. So, inline skating will be a great option for them to stay fit without putting extensive pressure on their joints.

3. Cardio

A cardiovascular workout is a must for those who look forward to an overall weight loss. Also, a bit of cardio each day will keep your health fit. But those who do running as their cardiovascular exercise, at times can’t keep up, cause it’s hard for the body. So, at those times switch to inline skating, which will do your cardio as well as not so tough on your body.

You will get the same effect as running, but you should know how to coast on skates. In running you don’t require this skill, but you can avoid this if you skate in a slightly inclined plane.

4. Muscle building

We have already discussed the cardiovascular and aerobic fitness benefits of inline skating, but also it has a hand in muscle building. Many times during weight loss, due to some wrong exercises people lose their muscle mass instead of fat. Skating will help you burn fat and build muscle mass.

If your goal is to build muscle, practice skating rather than cycling or running. Many people go skating because the motions here are easier plus a better development of thigh and hip muscles. Moreover, you can develop hamstring muscles also through inline skating, which is not possible through cycling alone.

5. Balance and coordination

Inline skating demands balance, skill and coordination. You may or may not know that many athletes, professionals and amateurs practice skating to improve their balance and coordination. Also if you are looking to take your body balance to the next level, skating is the answer. You can skate on each foot alternatively and individually for 2-4 seconds.

If you do it on each foot you can gain or improve your balance and coordination even rapidly. But if you are a newbie, there are chances to fall, so never go without protective gear.

6. Sports and mental fitness

As we mentioned earlier, athletes skate too and are in fact coaches use it as a tool for training. 2 hockey players gave birth to the company Rollerblade Inc. while searching for a way to coach ice hockey. Due to this trend, most hockey players practice inline skating. Not only this, skating improves mental fitness too with the adrenaline rush it provides.

This form of sports or activity has huge health benefits, so try a roller sport or rollerblading or roller skating.

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