Finally, a prescription for healing that you don?t have to swallow!

AlignMed has combined musculoskeletal research with cutting edge garment construction to release the first FDA registered garment that activates muscles and sensory pathways to increase mobility, improve performance and reduce pain. The proprietary design uses variable elasticity called NeuroBands? to adapt to your body?s form and improve muscle activity and provide biofeedback that helps correct and maintain good posture alignment.


?This is an important tool to take control of your own musculoskeletal health and reduce inflammation and pain,? says Stephen Hochshuler, MD, Spine Surgeon and Medical Director of the Texas Spine Institute. Unlike braces that restrict natural movement or compression garments that use tight fitting fabrics to compress skin, AlignMed?s multi-functional innovation is a construction matrix of strategic elastic fabric panels (NeuroBands?) shown to fire muscles and align joints. AlignMed Posture Systems and the NeuroBand? activators were the brainchild of an esteemed group of medical clinicians motivated to find an alternative to injury prevention and recovery as well as for those people interested in the everyday wellness that good posture, poise and confidence brings.

?The garments not only work but look good as well,? says E. Thomas Vangsness, Orthopedic Surgeon, Professor and Director of Sports Medicine at USC, ?AlignMed technology activates muscles to support the way muscles relay sensory information to the spinal cord, and brain for processing. In this manner NeuroBands? help keep our muscles active and balanced.?

NEUROBAND TECHNOLOGY AlignMed products are bioengineered with variable elastic stretch panels that mimic the contractions of muscles to support the spine and correct alignment and balance.

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