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Segment One -?Sarah Clough,?PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. MDT, NASM-PES from?Athletico?discusses the?many emotions that occur with an injury or pain.

injury bluesIf there?s one thing that athletes fear, it?s getting injured and being sidelined for a significant amount of time. To many serious athletes, sports and their participation in it are everything. It?s what they?ve grown up doing and what they?ve dedicated most of their lives to. Many athletes find it difficult to go a few days without training, let alone months (or even years) if sidelined with a serious injury.

To overcome this depression and loss of motivation, it?s best to understand what an athlete goes through when he/she gets sidelined with a serious injury. This goes beyond just physical recovery. In most cases, physically recovering from an injury is the easy part. The more difficult part (and the part that needs the most support and attention) is its mental aspect. Read more>>>

Early on in college, I decided in addition to majoring in physical therapy, I would also major in psychology.? Why?? I felt that if I was going to treat and understand the physical aspect of a person, I better understand a little bit about the brain, thoughts and emotion of an individual.? After all, each of us is not just a body or a brain.? We have both.? Why is it that it?s readily accepted as the ?norm? if you mention you have knee arthritis or back pain, however, it becomes taboo to discuss the psychology or emotion that may be involved with that pain?? I firmly believe that the psychology of what one is experiencing is extremely important to discuss and address.

Here are some common phrases I hear from my own patients:

  • I feel depressed because I can?t do what I want and need to do for my job/family.
  • I don?t want to burden my friends/family with my pain.
  • I am worried that I will never feel better.
  • I?m so sad I am missing my senior season in my favorite sport. Read more>>>

[Sarah Clough received her undergraduate degrees in health science and psychology and her Masters degree in Physical Therapy from Bradley University.? Sarah has completed an orthopaedic residency program and received her doctorate degree in physical therapy from Evidence in Motion.? Sarah is McKenzie certified for Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of the spine and is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Specialist.? She has her Performance Enhancement Specialist certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.]

Segment Two – Steve Kashul and Dr. Brian Cole discuss the Jones Fracture and its impact on the rehab and return to play for?Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant (NBA MVP): Definition, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

Durant?s fracture is to the fifth metatarsal. The metatarsals are the long bones of the foot that bridge the bones of the midfoot to the bones of the toe. The fifth metatarsal is located on the outside of the foot and serves as an attachment site for several muscles. These muscles make the bone susceptible to fractures when the ankle is forced inward like when making a hard cut or landing on the foot of an opponent.

5thmetatarsalIn metatarsal fractures, it is all about determining the location of the fracture. Unfortunately, the type of fracture sustained by Durant is one of most serious metatarsal fractures. Named for orthopedic surgeon Sir Robert Jones, a Jones fracture occurs when the fracture is located near the base of the 5th metatarsal. The blood flow to this area is very poor causing the fracture to take a significant amount of time to heal. Furthermore Jones fractures have a high propensity for delayed union or nonunions. In these scenarios, the two bone pieces fail to unite or take a long period of time to connect. As a result of these factors, surgery is often necessary.

Another factor to consider is the mechanism of injury. Jones fractures can occur as an acute injury following a specific incident or they can develop slowly over time and be classified as a stress fracture. If it is indeed a stress fracture, additional steps may be necessary to determine if there is biomechanical reasoning for its occurrence.

Update:?The reigning NBA MVP, who has been out all season since having surgery to repair a Jones fracture in his right foot Oct. 16, is expected to play about 30 minutes against the New Orleans Pelicans, Coach Scott Brooks announced.

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