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Dr. Brian Cole and Steve Kashul discuss recent professional sports injuries: Mitchell Trubisky’s shoulder injury, Redskins QB leg injuries and Markelle Fultz of the 76’ers who has?missed the team’s last 27 games while rehabbing in California after being diagnosed with neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome.

After a two-year stretch of confusion, frustration, internet conspiracies, andWashington v Arizona unpredictability,?Markelle Fultz, the?Philadelphia 76ers? 2017 No. 1 draft pick who suddenly couldn?t shoot a basketball, was finally diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS).

This ailment, often untraceable even by MRI, is the cause of Fultz?s inability to shoot a basketball properly from any distance. TOS is a very real, frustrating, and difficult-to-describe ailment. That may explain why it took so long to diagnose.

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