Did You Know? 60-80% of ACL Injuries Result from No Contact

Football season is in full swing and we aren?t shy of injuries on the field at all levels of play. Being educated about possible football injuries and how to prevent them can go long way in keeping athletes injury-free throughout the season.

Click to view Infographic on Football ACL Injuries

An ACL tear is one of the top injuries among high school football players. The severity of tear can range from mild to severe resulting in a complete tear. Approximately 90% of injured players return to sports but not always to their level of performance prior to the injury. Linemen are 25% more prone to ACL injuries. If you have injured your ACL, it is important to see your physician for a complete diagnosis and treatment plan.

This infographic on football ACL injuries is ideal for parents, players and coaches looking to learn more about prevention, treatment and recognition of an injured ACL.

To learn more about common football injuries, how to treat and recover from them, use this 3-part series to educate your team.

Part 1: 5 Common Football Injuries
Part 2: How to Prevent Football Injuries
Part 3: How to Recover from Football Injuries

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