Undoubtedly, regular physical activity carries a lot of benefits, contributing to healthier and longer life. It positively affects both mind and body, making them function better. In addition to physical benefits, sports provide high school students with some more advantages. Before we consider why youths should do sports, let’s discuss how to find time for it while having a busy academic schedule.

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Studying is a top priority for most teenagers. And this is how it actually must be because school has a huge impact on the future life. Your grades define whether you will be enrolled in a top university and what kind of career you’ll be able to build after graduation. That’s why you should take your studies really seriously. Neglecting your academic responsibilities may lead to terrible consequences.

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Why do sports in high school? 

There are many reasons why high school students should be involved in sports activities. Let’s consider the most important of them below.

Success mindset

Student athletes have a chance to develop a special mindset that drives them towards success. While doing sports, they learn to be focused on their goals and keep their concentration levels high. They also become better at handling pressure and taking risks when required. On top of that, sports teaches students time management and responsibility, which are essential for success. The good thing is that all those skills go far beyond physical activity. Eventually, students reap the benefit of their training in many different aspects of their life. 

Improved academics

According to a survey conducted by the Minnesota High School League, the average GPA of students that are not involved in regular physical activity was 2.84, while athlete students had a GPA of 2.68 on average. So participation in high school sports delivers consistently higher grades. What’s more, the report also showed that sports people missed less classes than their non-athlete counterparts, which is probably because of better discipline. Another study which was published in the Medicine & Science journal revealed that young people who were active in different sports performed nearly 10% better in core subjects such as math, social studies, science and arts. As you see, sports really help to improve academics. 

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Enhanced well-being

Involvement in regular physical activity also improves well-being. Psychologists have noticed that student athletes have higher self-esteem, greater sense of initiative and stronger relationships with peers. They can also be proud of better attachment with adults, developed personal responsibility and a closer sense of family. What’s more, teenagers doing sports are less likely to engage in risky behavior and bad habits, such as smoking cigarettes and taking drugs. And last but not least, high school students doing sports on a regular basis are generally more persistent. 

Social relationship

One has to learn how to deal with people and support others while playing games like soccer, baseball, etc. Being a part of a sports team and working towards a common goal promotes better cooperation skills. Furthermore, students who participate in team sports often forge close friendships. Those relationships may last  throughout the whole life, not only high school years. Sharing a common passion and spending time together at training or competitions help to build tight bonds that are vital for everybody. 

Better health 

Participation in school sports significantly improves overall health outcomes. It positively affects the cardiovascular system, strengthens joints and bones as well as builds muscles. Regular workouts help to control body weight and stay fit even if one has a high-calorie diet. They also lower cholesterol levels according to multiple studies conducted by doctors. Those who love physical activity are less likely to catch cold or get infected with any sort of virus since they have stronger immunity. This way, sports helps to prevent a number of diseases. 

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Final thoughts

There are many ways high school students can benefit from sports. Active lifestyle makes a positive impact on physical, emotional and social aspects of life. Hopefully, this article has shown you the importance of sports and encouraged you to participate in school activities.

Author’s BIO: Jeremy Raynolds is a fitness coach and PE teacher. He is passionate about sports, so it plays a key role in his life. Jeremy believes that everybody should make physical activity a part of their daily routine as it brings numerous benefits for both mental and physical health.

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