Using The SAFE Method�?? to address Youth Sports Injuries

Dr. Brian Cole and Steve Kashul talk with Dr. Dev Mishra about the origin of Sideline Sports Doc, who is using the service and the value of a coach certification program. Dr. Mishra founded Sideline Sports Doc in 2010. The idea behind the company is simple: is there a way to teach non-medically trained coaches, parents, and athletes a simple method that allows them to recognize common sports injuries and make reasonable decisions about what to do next?

What is Sideline Sports Doc?

Every year the number of young children, adolescents and adults participating in sports activity increases, and unfortunately so do the number of injuries. Sideline Sports Doc develops injury recognition courses and technology solutions that help governing bodies, teams, coaches, parents and weekend warriors better understand how to manage injuries.
The course content is based on The SAFE Method�?? that teaches you how to recognize a mild injury, a moderate injury, or a severe injury.  The courses do not to teach you how to diagnose and provide the final treatment for an injury.  Leave that to the professionals, such as a physician or an athletic trainer.

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