Staying healthy begins with regularly working to keep your body fit and active. Not everyone has the luxury or capability to go to a gym or invest in weights to work out. However, that should not be something that stops you from staying active and exercising.

Leading an active lifestyle not only helps you stay in shape and become more confident, but it also improves blood circulation which strengthens your bodys immune system and overall makes you healthier and more energetic.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to take a trip to the gym to exercise, either. There are countless ways you can stay fit and tone your body without any tools whatsoever. You can always do simple exercises at home to keep your activity levels at an all-time high and stay healthy. Here is everything you need to know about working out without weights and still getting good results.

Start with Warm-ups and Stretches

If you plan to do any form of workout, it is vital that you start with some warm-ups and stretches, so you do not strain your muscles with sudden vigorous exercises. Warm-ups and stretches give your muscles a chance to become flexible and improve your blood flow in the muscles you want to train, so you can exercise as hard as you want for as long as you possibly can. Your warm-ups do not have to take that long or be too hard; just make sure your muscles are well stretched so that when you do exercise, even without the weights, you are ready. Do not think that just because you will exercise without weights you do not necessarily need to stretch beforehand. You will need your stretches and warm-ups to prepare your body for the workout.

Do Push-Ups

People often need weights to train their arm muscles and to tone them a little more. However, as explained on Spartan Home Workouts, you can still tone your arm and shoulder muscles by doing push-ups. Doing regular push-up sets and increasing the number of sets and their duration over time will help you get the defined muscles you are aiming for without ever having to use any heavy weights or visiting the gym. Make sure you have a comfortable and padded yoga mat to do your push-ups on so that your palms do not get sweaty and slippery, and you will not strain your arm muscles by pushing down on hard floors.

Use your Furniture

When you work out, you do not have to use heavy, expensive weights to get the results you want. You can simply use any suitable furniture you have in your home to enhance your exercising experience. If you have any small ladder steps, you can use them to do jumps that train your leg muscles and glutes. You can also use your chairs for lunges and calf raise exercises. Your couch is also great for different exercises where you need more support for your body weight, like in feet-elevated glute bridges.

Do Squats

Many people use heavy weights and different workout machines to build their glute muscles. However, you can still get toned glutes and stronger calf and thighs by simply doing squats without using any weights.

If you really want to add a little intensity to your squat exercise, you can carry heavy water bottles or by doing squat jumps. Make sure you divide your squats into different sets and increase the intensity and duration as you progress.

Plank with Reach-Unders

Planks are among the most intense workouts anyone can ever do to tone numerous muscles all at once. You never need to use any weights to strengthen your core if you keep up with your plank exercises and increase the duration bit by bit. Take your planks intensity up an extra notch by doing reach-unders as well, where you stand in the plank position and reach with your arms to your legs to train your arm and leg muscles in the process. The longer you plank, the stronger your core will get without you ever needing to visit the gym or use any weights.

Regular exercise is the key to leading a healthy life and having a fit body regardless of your age. Since many people struggle to find the time to go to the gym or do not have the financial or physical capability to train using weights, there are always ways around that to get similar results. All you need is to work out at home by doing stretches and warm-ups then training your muscles properly and increasing the intensity of the workouts bit by bit.

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