Health and wellbeing are quickly rising on the must-have lists for Americans, leading?more people to prioritize their fitness. In Allianz Life?s Annual Study, 51 percent of participants agreed that their health and wellbeing is their top focus, compared to 27 percent who chose financial stability. As a result, the fitness market is booming; past estimates put its valuation at over $30 billion. Many people are also flocking to the health supplements, organic food, and fitness gear aisle?all with the intention of reaping?the benefits of exercise. While everyone wants great fitness, not everyone gives great thought to the clothing they wear during their fitness activities. In fact, it is often the last thing on the list. Yet, an increasing amount of scientific research and expert opinions are saying quite the opposite: your clothes may play a bigger role in your fitness regime that you think.

Wearing Clothing That Fits Well Improves Your Mental Attitude And Confidence To Exercise

While many consumers admit they begin their fitness journey as a way of raising self-confidence, not many of them are confident when working now. In a recent survey by Fitrated, 64 percent of women avoid the gym due to fear of being judged while 49 percent agonize over their workout clothing. It has already been shown how?clothing can affect your mindset, and thus your levels of self-esteem, motivation, and confidence. Scientific research says the clothing you wear affects your behavior towards people, your mood, and your attitude. Therefore, something as simple as?looking fashionable in some sweatpants?can not only make you feel great but also lead to you being more motivated to workout.

Wearing The Right Clothing Can Provide The Right Support During Training?

Many fitness-goers or athletes get injured due to incorrect equipment or poor warm-up execution. Poor support when training or engaging in vigorous exercises can put an unintended strain on your muscles and vulnerable body parts like your hamstrings and lower back. It is the same thinking behind?poor posture and its impact on exercise?performance.

However, choosing the right workout gear gives you a chance to choose workout clothing specifically designed for the fitness activity you will engage it?and therefore, choose clothing that can give you the best support when you need it. For instance, clothing designed for running are lightweight and strategically designed to minimize discomfort like chafing when running. Similarly, running shoes are designed with cushioning in mind.

Appropriate Workout Gear Improves Regulation Of Body Temperature And Overall Performance

During physical activities like exercise and fitness activities, your body temperature increases. The more intense and longer your exercise routine is, the more heat is generated which triggers the loss of water through sweating. To balance the rising of body temperatures and avoid overheating, it helps to wear clothing that encourages a good airflow. It is also helpful to maintain your hydration levels during fitness activities.

When?choosing a workout fabric, opt for fabrics that are light and breathable such as bamboo, nylon, and spandex. When you wear clothing that discourages overheating and poor air circulation, you are more likely to focus on your fitness activity better thanks to better comfort. Also, lower chances of overheating means you are less likely to be dehydrated and finish the activity.

To get the most out of your fitness regime, you don?t just need the right tools but also the right clothing. Finding clothing that is functional, supportive, and encourages a great mindset is key to nailing your fitness regime. It is as they say- feel good to do good.

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