First Brace Specifically Designed to Support Functional Healing After Knee Cartilage Repair

?ssur has launched?Rebound? Cartilage, the first brace specifically designed to provide unicompartmental load reduction and range of movement restriction after articular cartilage defect procedures such as Microfracture, OATS and (M)ACI.

Published articles indicate that successful articular cartilage repair is dependent upon restricting cartilage load and encouraging gradual increases in activity, but patients often struggle when complying with weight-bearing instructions.

Tested in biomechanical studies, the new Rebound Cartilage?s clinically proven 3-Point Leverage System and patented Cartilage Protection Straps provide for a wider range of protection by unloading the affected knee compartment in flexion. This brace was designed to offload the repaired cartilage while helping the patient transition through the rehabilitation process of partial- to full weight-bearing.

?The new Rebound Cartilage addresses an important, unmet clinical need for orthopedic professionals and their patients, and is the latest demonstration of our ongoing commitment to apply our expertise in Injury Solutions into indication-specific products that are designed to optimize healing while maintaining function and mobility,??said Dr. Thorvaldur Ingvarsson, Executive Vice President of Research & Development for ?ssur.

According to Ingvarsson, Rebound Cartilage ?is designed to provide postoperative unicompartmental offloading ?for optimization of the surgical prevention of osteoarthritis (OA).The Rebound Cartilage also may be beneficial for other unicompartmental knee conditions that require offloading, movement restriction and pain relief, such as meniscal repair, avascular necrosis, and condylar bone marrow lesions (i.e. bone bruises).

The lightweight, low-profile Rebound Cartilage fits neatly underneath clothing, is available in a range of sizes, and may be ordered with an optional Flexion Control Kit for patients requiring additional range-of-motion restrictions. The brace features a breathable, wraparound sleeve with an integrated Sensil? silicone calf liner, doeskin thigh liner, and easily-adjusted Cartilage Protection Straps, powered by Boa Technology, that prevent migration while ensuring patient comfort.

The Rebound Cartilage is covered under Medicare and some private insurance policies, and ?available in the U.S. on a prescription basis.

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