By Cori Cameron?for ATI Physical Therapy

Did You Know . . .?

knee-painA recent study by ATI Physical Therapy, My Health First Network, BCBS and Greenville Health System (GHS) found that?70% of patients that utilized physical therapy first for spine, shoulder and knee pain were successfully treated without the use of imaging, prescription medicine or additional physician visits.

“This research partnership utilized a ‘PT first’ approach to manage musculoskeltal complaints to improve access to care while reducing treatment,” said Chris Stout, PhD and Vice President of ATI’s Department of Research and Data Analytics. “Our study found that the incorporation of physical therapy into the plan of care for patients presenting with back, shoulder and knee pain not only offered successful treatment for their pain, it also provided an effective alternative of costly imaging, unnecessary surgery and the use of unnecessary opioids.”

Complementing the findings found in the aforementioned study is a recent recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). With overuse of opioids for the treatment of chronic pain becoming a national public health epidemic, the CDC released guidelines that recommend nondrug approaches such as physical therapy over long-term or high-dosage use of addictive prescription painkillers.

“Access to physical therapy is a simple, cost-effective way to address many commonATI 300x250 aches and pains that affect much of the population,” said Ed Maher, physical therapist and vice president of operations for ATI Physical Therapy. “At ATI, we have streamlined the entire process, giving our patients easy access to care within 24-48 hours. ?In many cases, a doctor’s referral is not required, plus ATI will coordinate and verify all insurance benefits for patients, so there is no second-guessing.”

The Advantage of ATI Physical Therapy:

  • No doctor referral needed (insurance may require referral)
  • Scheduling of your first appointment in 48 hours
  • Locations close to home /work
  • Open 7 am – 7 pm to fit your schedule
  • Highly qualified / trained staff
  • Comprehensive, individualized treatment plans?with hands-on therapy
  • Diverse, goal-oriented specialty services
  • State-of-the-art clinics and technology
  • Personalized communication with you and your doctor
  • Complimentary injury screenings

Schedule your appointment today with ATI Therapy and feel better fast! ?Call 855-MY-ATIPT (855-692-8478).

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