The fitness industry is full of fancy and expensive gadgets that have proved useless. The shake weight and ab-toning belt are two popular examples. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. These devices do nothing but hold the user back from reaching his goals.

You can’t use technology as a shortcut to naturally transform your body. However, you can use it to learn more about your physique and adjust your routine accordingly. Here’s how you can merge technology with fitness to boost your efficiency and see better results.

Record Your Progress

Failure to record progress is one of the main reasons people fail to reach their fitness goals. They don’t take before and after photos, write down their workouts, or stick to the same routine for more than a few weeks. It takes months of consistency to see visible body improvements. You must track your progress daily to hold yourself accountable and stay engaged.

Today’s technology makes it easy to stay on track. You can use workout apps to view exercise tutorials, compare your form and record your performance. Personal trainers also use fitness apps to connect with their clients. Daily or weekly progress updates are integral parts of any training program.

Fitness watches, bracelets and other wearable technology can also be effective self-tracking tools. These devices act as virtual personal trainers, encouraging users to stay active with custom workout recommendations and frequent motivational messages.

Monitor Your Movements

Wearable devices are useful for tracking progress, but their main purpose is to monitor body movements. They have numerous built-in sensors that track every action, even when wearers are asleep. The sensors provide lots of telling information, including the following relevant metrics:

  • Daily steps
  • Heart rate
  • Breathing rate
  • Calories burned
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood oxygen levels
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Sleep patterns
  • Stress levels

This information shows how your body responds to different exercises, which allows you to see your improvements in real-time. It’s also easier to identify weaknesses and reach new personal bests. For example, adults are encouraged to take 10,000 steps per day. Instead of guesstimating, you can let the wearable device do the counting.

Most importantly, fitness wearables help you spot negative health trends. You can notice if your sleep schedule is inadequate or determine when your stress levels are highest. They assist in preventing heart disease, obesity and other chronic issues by tracking your most vital bodily functions. Some devices even have emergency SOS systems in case you get injured.

Stick to Your Diet

You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. No matter how long and intense your workouts are, they can’t counteract too many high-calorie processed foods. Fitness technology can help you stay disciplined and get your eating habits under control if you’re struggling to eat healthily.

Calorie counters will make tracking your meals and meeting your daily calorie goals much easier. You enter your food measurements and the app will calculate the number of calories. The best apps even provide healthy recipe alternatives to your current meals.

Nutrition apps are even more in-depth, allowing you to scan grocery item barcodes and view the details of each ingredient. They also have extensive databases where you can read about your body’s nutritional needs. The more you learn about food, the easier dieting will be.

Provide Motivation During Workouts

If you lose motivation during your workouts, use technology to reel you back in. Playing music during exercise isn’t new, but you can now listen to podcasts and audiobooks. There’s a plethora of motivational material in these genres. Give them a try and see how they affect your mindset.

Simplify Your Health Transformation

Your health shouldn’t be a guessing game, especially with so much technology available. Take advantage of these apps and devices to simplify your physical transformation. They will help you learn more about your body and develop the best diet and exercise plans for your needs.

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