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Segment One: AlignMed Functional Apparel

Bill Schultz,?President & Founder?of?AlignMed?talks about the design, uses and benefits of AlignMed Functional Apparel.?Functional apparel is an evolutionary segment of the health and fitness market where clothing crosses conventional boundaries and integrates with medicine and technology, to meet specific performance requirements of the user. AlignMed is the world leader in this new business sector with garments that have built in or customizable elastic panels and bands trademarked as?NeuroBands?.?

NeuroBands? are a patented new concept developed by medical experts to use controlled resistance as a continuum of care for physical therapy, pain relief and even avoidance of surgery. AlignMed? products have been tested in clinical trials and proven effect for an array of different conditions. For the professional-elite athlete* or non-professional fitness-minded population.

The foundation of all Physical Therapy is to restore movement and the primary devices used are resistance bands. ?AlignMed? integrated the domains of physiology and fabric technology by developing with NeuroBand? Technology. Controlled resistance panels built into comfortable, form-fitting garments that work in harmony with your natural movement.? The use of Functional Apparel as wearable therapy is fresh and important to bring about a change in the way medical caregivers and consumers improve performance, poise, increase stamina, rehab injury and reduce pain.

*Alignmed is used in the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA.

Segment Two:?The Standing Desk solution to?working smarter and living healthier.

Caleb Johnson,?DPT from?Athletico?teaches us how to avoid serious health issues related to prolonged sitting and create an ergonomic work environment with?simple but important tips on how to establish healthy work habits.

Caleb Johnson?received his?Doctor?of Physical Therapy degree?(DPT) from Washington University in St. Louis in 2013?and?currently practices in a general orthopedic setting with emphasis on industrial rehabilitation and sports medicine.? His interests are the evaluation and treatment of industrial athletes, contact sport injuries, overhead athletes, and injuries related to weight lifting.

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