January 27 ? 31, 2016 -?Steamboat Springs, CO -?Keeping Patients Active through Innovation and?Contemporary Surgical Techniquesaaos course

Implement these multi-disciplinary approaches and?treatment strategies for contemporary solutions and?decision-making in your daily practice, and safely?return your active patients to play.

Brian J. Cole, MD, MBA,?Team Physician ? Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox

CO-DIRECTORS:Leslie J. Bisson MD, Head Team Physician – Buffalo Bills, Team Physician ? Buffalo Sabres

John M. Tokish MD, Head Team Physician/Chief of Sports Medicine -?United States Air Force Academy in 2001-2009, Team Physician ? Phoenix Coyotes, 2010

Keeping up with all levels of sport injury

Ensure your grasp of treatment decisions and rehabilitation solutions is current in this rapidly evolving field. Avoid lecture monotony and instead, participate in these interactive sessions. Small faculty-led case-based groups and participant-expert panel discussions engage you in open dialogue with faculty on different treatment strategies. Re-examine clinical content and decision-making with multimedia resources and unparalleled expertise.

Bring your extended care team (PA’s, ATC’s, Primary Care Sports Medicine), for an excellent comprehensive update, from pre-participation to injury treatment and rehabilitation, to safely get your patients back in the game.

Engaging highlights include:

? Innovation and emerging technology in sports medicine with keynote lectures on the Top 7 Trending Sports Medicine topics for 2016
? Tap into faculty expertise in small group case-based discussions and
one-on-one consults
? Panels and debates offer differing perspectives and preferences on controversial areas of decision-making and treatment approaches

aaos course1

At the conclusion of this course, learners should be able to:

? Compare and contrast the various surgical and nonsurgical treatment protocols for instability conditions of the knee, injuries to knee ligaments, and cartilage disorders
? Review the anatomy, function, and injuries of the acromioclavicular joint of the shoulder, and both non-operative and operative treatment strategies for athletic AC joint injuries
? Compare and contrast the indications and treatment for hip arthroscopy
? Evaluate indications for tenotomy vs. tenodesis for biceps tendon pathology
? Review performance enhancing medications, side effects, screening protocols, workup, and deficiency of athletes with sports endocrine axis disorders
? Prescribe correct knee, shoulder, hip, foot/ankle and hand/wrist rehabilitation protocols to maximize post-surgical and post-injury function
? Compare short-term and long-term treatment strategies for team physicians
? Identify practice efficiencies, optimal use of physician extenders (ultrasound,
injections, etc.), and reduction in costs in the ambulatory setting

aaos course2


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