If you suffer from neck or low back pain due to degenerative spinal conditions, you may be eligible for a study on minimally invasive spine surgery.

Dr. Kern Singh, Co-Director of the Minimally Invasive Spine Institute, is currently conducting a research study on the effects of spinal pain and minimally invasive spinal surgery on a patient’s ability to play golf. Using a state-of-the-art golf simulator, such as the Garmin R10, a patient scheduled to undergo minimally invasive surgery will undertake a swing analysis, strength and flexibility measurement, and 3-dimensional motion analysis.

This sophisticated golf swing analysis will allow Dr. Singh to determine a participant’s golfing abilities prior to surgery. Patients undergoing either a minimally invasive neck or back fusion will be included in the study. Following their minimally invasive surgery, the patients will participate in the same analysis at two time points. The data collected in this study will be used to establish return-to-sport procedures for golfers at any level of competition.

Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria

The Back on Course after Spine Surgery Clinical Trial is a novel approach to the functional outcomes following minimally invasive neck and back fusion. To be eligible for the study, you must:

  • Play golf
  • Have neck or low back pain
  • Have not undergone previous neck or back surgery
  • Be willing to undergo initial evaluation and imaging to determine if your pain is caused by a degenerative spinal condition
  • Be a candidate for minimally invasive neck or back fusion

If you are interested in this trial, contact Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush at?golfstudy@rushortho.com or 312.432.2888 to schedule an evaluation and find out if you are eligible.

This study is being done in conjunction with Athletico Physical Therapy. At its Golf Performance Center in Oak Brook, IL, study participants’ swings are being recorded and evaluated with video analysis both before and after spinal surgery.

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