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?Basketball Anatomy is one of the few books that captures the beauty and athleticism of our sport. Dr. Brian Cole understands what players go through to perform at their best. It?s a book I recommend.?

Scottie Pippen
Six-Time NBA Champion
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall?of Fame

Basketball Anatomy
By Brian Cole, MD and Rob Panariello
$21.95, paperback, e-book

See what it takes to maximize on-court power, strength, agility, and quickness. Basketball Anatomy shows you how to improve performance by increasing muscular strength and optimizing the efficiency of every movement.

Written by Chicago Bulls team physician Dr. Brian Cole, Basketball Anatomy features 88 of the most effective basketball exercises, along with step-by-step descriptions and 151 full-color anatomical illustrations showing the muscles in action.

Basketball Anatomy also take you into the training room to explore the anatomy of the most common injuries to the ankle, knee, and shoulder, as well as exercises for minimizing and recovering from such setbacks.

?Basketball Anatomy not only showcases the authors? expertise but will help players train, rehabilitate injuries, and develop high-level performance.?

Dr. James Andrews ? Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine


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