You cut. You juke. You explode. Your sport demands the ultimate in lateral movement which means you need the pinnacle of joint stability. That?s?BIONIC, our most stable line featuring bilateral polycentric hinges to fully stabilize the joint against lateral forces, while operating freely for a highly responsive and natural feel.

Bionic braces provide the strongest support our of DonJoy Performance?s different product lines. Bionic braces feature hinges within the brace to help prevent against injuries caused by impact from the side. The Bionic line is ideal for athletes playing high-impact sports like?football, basketball or soccer or for those who have had a previous injury that want to further protect their joints. Shop maximum protection for your knee, ankle, elbow or back with Bionic Technology.

Explore all Bionic bracing for ankle, knee, elbow and back- by injury, sport and symptom.

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