If it wasn?t for Dr. Cole and his fabulous team ? Kyle, Natalie and Mukesh, IKnee Patient would not be where I am today. I am PAIN FREE and able to exercise, play volleyball, softball, tennis, spin classes and even CrossFit. I thought I would never be able to play sports again.

Growing up a ?TomBoy? in my neighborhood of all boys, I learned to play football, basketball, softball, volleyball, horseshoes etc. During high school, I was on the school teams ? tennis, volleyball, basketball, softball, badminton and track and field where I ran the 100 and the 400 relay. I knew the ins and outs of the games and I never had any knee issues.

It wasn?t until I played on an extracurricular men?s and women?s softball team. I was pushed by the 3rd baseman while running to 3rd. I had pain for seven long years, saw three different doctors, and had three meniscus surgeries before seeing Rush?s team of doctors. I heard that the Rush doctors were the physicians for some of Chicago?s pro sports teams. If they can?t fix me no one can.

I underwent cortisone shots, bracing, physical therapy, and even microfracture surgery, but to no avail.

Dr. Cole was on the precipice of clinical trials for a neo-cartilage transplant and I became one of his four patients with only 16 patients across the US. I?ll never forget the neo-cartilage surgery date May 30, 2007 because it was a miracle for me. I regained use of my dominant knee and leg again!!!! I am finally able to do everything I want to do, no matter what sport it is.

I can?t thank the doctors and their teams enough for their dedication and resourcefulness for fixing my knee and giving me back by life to continue my passion of being active again and playing sports competitively.

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