Episode 17.35?Rerun

Segment One (01:10):?Dr. Nik Verma?sitting in this week for Dr. Cole joins Steve andImage result for thumb overuse?Nicole Kauppila from?Athletico Physical Therapy?to discuss Tech Thumb injury.

Each year as we approach the holidays, smartphones are listed as a top gift.? With use of smart phones ? tech-related injuries called ?tech-thumb? resulting from unnatural movements like constant texting are on the rise.

New smartphones often means even more time straining thumbs, in fact young adults spend a staggering?one-third?of their waking hours on smart phones. Nicole describes causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment for overuse injuries of the hand.

?Segment Two (11:46):?Dr. Nik Verma, Head Team Physician for the Chicago White Sox talks with Steve about how to avoid overuse throwing injuries in young athletes; avoid training in one sport all year long, high pitch velocity and pitch counts that can cause damage from repetitive load on the growth plates of young athletes.

Image result for little league pitcher

Segment Three (20:14):?Todd Sayer, PT from ATI Physical Therapy?talks about the importance of sleep for optimal recovery; the correct supportive neutral sleep position; avoiding compressed shoulder joint in side sleepers.

How you sleep dictates how you perform, so whether you are falling short on logging enough sleep each night or poor sleep posture is inhibiting a solid day?s performance, making a few simple changes can help to enable a good night?s rest and support your body?s ability to adapt and adjust.

Todd Sayer? is a Senior Regional Director with ATI. He has 18 years of clinical experience specializing in treatment outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine injuries as well as chronic pain and post-operative care.

Overcoming Sleep Challenges and Discomfort

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