Episode 16.15?with Hosts Steve Kashul and Dr. Brian Cole. Broadcasting on ESPN Chicago?1000 WMVP-AM Radio, Saturdays from?8:30 to 9:00 AM/c.

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Segment One: Alex Perris, Personal Trainer for Joakim Noah talks with Steve and Dr. Cole about Noah’s transition from the Chicago Bulls to the NY Knicks and his training program; coordinating summer workouts with other team trainers, focus on diet and injury prevention with shorter cross-fit workouts during the season and recovery; nutrition tips for aspiring new players.

Segment Two:?Dr. Cole Talks with Steve Kashul about his experience at the NBA Draft Combine providing medical clearance for players; risk assessment and player evaluation; sharing of key medical history and judging medical capabilities to play based on a variety of factors; working with the new training staff for the Chicago Bulls.

Segment Three😕Compelling New Evidence on the Efficacy of Electrical Bone Stimulators


Dr. Mohit?and Dr. Cole discuss the?use of electrical bone stimulators for non-surgical treatment of stress fractures to provide quicker healing and avoid delayed union or non-union of damaged bone; prevent escalating to a break. E-Stim devices like the CMF Bone Growth Stimulator by DJO Global are portable and are externally applied.?Dr. Mohit Bhandari, acknowledged among the top 10 most cited orthopedic fracture surgeons in the world reveals the most recent and compelling evidence on electrical stimulators for bone healing and is involved in clinical trials to study and evaluate the device impact on healing and outcomes.

CMF Spine Study

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