This Podcast features ACL Specialist, Cindy Krebsbach from Athletico Physical Therapy, talking about how to reduce your risk of ACL injuries. Cindy discusses with Dr. Cole and Steve, the basics of educating athletes on their mechanics, alignment, posture and core strength; the role of fatigue and prevalence in female athletes; how the Athletico 3P Program is getting athletes back in their game using the concept of? Prevention, Progression and Performance.

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Cindy Krebsbach is the facility manager and physical therapist at the Athletico Oak Park location. SheCindy Krebsbach has?experience with 21 years as a physical therapist, 19 years working with ACL patients and is part of the ACL 3P program at Athletico. Cindy in involved in many continuing education courses on ACL injuries, post surgery rehab and injury prevention.

Most recent studies show that anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears sideline more than 200,000 athletes each year. The majority of these injuries occur while playing agility sports, such as basketball, soccer, skiing, and football. NCAA statistics show that female athletes are two to eight times more likely to sustain an ACL injury.

Physical therapists and trainers agree that ACL injuries are on the rise. This can be attributed to young athletes specializing in one sport too early, playing a single sport year-round, and the increasing pressure to compete at higher levels. A recent study reported that athletes can reduce their risk of injury as much as 72 percent by engaging in a comprehensive strength and conditioning program.

Athletes who sustain an ACL injury can get back on the field with the help of a good physician, specialized rehabilitation, and a return to play program. Athletico ACL 3P clinicians are committed to providing specialized rehabilitation for our patients, as well as customized return to play programs. Athletico strives to educate athletes and parents on the 3P?s: Prevention, Progression, Performance.

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