Burn more calories without even trying

Have a sluggish metabolism? Fight back by doing these things throughout your day to boost your metabolism from morning ’til?night.

1. Eat produce at every meal. The chewiness of fruits, veggies, and whole grains makes your mouth work harder, and the high-fiber content also takes more energy to digest, which combined adds up to a 10 percent increase in calorie burn. Choose these foods in their whole, natural state to reap more of the metabolism-boosting benefits.

2. Don’t skimp on lean protien. Protein also requires more energy to digest while keeping you feeling full and satisfied, so be sure to include this essential nutrient in every meal and snack.

3. Push yourself.?Right before every meal and snack, get on the floor and do 20 to 50 pushups (choose the amount for your strength level). Short bursts of exercise can lead to an afterburn of 200 calories?throughout the day, and lean muscle also burns more fat.

4. Sip green tea or water. Green tea contains catechins, an antioxidant that raises resting metabolism by four?percent (about 80 calories a day). If you’re not into this beverage, sip plain old water to avoid dehydration, which can slow down metabolism.

5. Rest easy. Stress not only leads to high-calorie snacking, it can actually slow your metabolism. So it’s important to take regular breaks from your busy day. If you have a desk job, meditating may not be the best choice as studies have shown that sitting for an hour or more reduces the fat-burning enzymes in your body by as much as 90 percent. Get up and dance to your favorite song, go for a five-minute brisk walk, or move through this de-stressing yoga sequence.

By Jenny Sugar for?POPSUGAR Fitness.

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